Open for Emergencies


Pro Nordic has an Essential Services permit and will be available for breakdowns and emergencies (phone or email to make arrangements)

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Customer:Ian Nel
Volvo Owned:2002 S60 2.4
Last service:May 2012
Customer Experience:I have been servicing my Volvo at Pro Nordic since 2008. I know Andrew as decent and polite, with the utmost honesty and integrity. The services and repairs at Pro Nordic have always been of the highest standard, and I have never left there with a feeling of been let down. Pro Nordic does not offer 'cheap' services as their parts are genuine Volvo parts, and their standards and skill are very high - however, they do compare very favourably with the Volvo agents, and I enjoy the personal touches - very seldom will my car leave Pro Nordic without something extra being attended to that I was not even aware of. Andrew and Pro Nordic will always be my first point of call whenever I have a Volvo need!

Many thanks Andrew for kepeing my Volvo on the road...Ian
Customer:Dheshni Reddy
Last service:September 2012
Customer Experience:Good morning

Thank you for the excellent service from Pronordic. We have had our Volvo for 8 years and I only wish that we had known about you sooner!


Dheshni Reddy
Customer:Jess and Graham Trusle
Volvo Owned:2000 V40
Last service:November 2012
Customer Experience:Thank you Andrew, car drives amazingly like new! Thanks Jess and Graham Trusler :)
Customer:Thinus Buitendag
Volvo Owned:2006 S60 T5
Last service:July 2013
Customer Experience:Hi Andrew

I would like to express my gratitude to you and your entire team for a service well done and making me a very satisfied client.

Recently we have become accustomed to the fact that service levels are dropping and we have accepted it. I work in a service industry and know that future work is cemented down today, and this you understand. I will refer you to other Volvo drivers that I know.

Many thanks once again

Thinus Buitendag
Customer:Anthony Barrett
Volvo Owned:2003 S40
Last service19 September 2013
Customer Experience:Happiness... having your Volvo serviced and repaired at PRO NORDIC.

Many thanks,

Anthony Barrett
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